Shitting Girls and Scat Eating Perverted Videos

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Perverted Girls Scat Games… The most perverted scat play videos are now online on a new scatsite. Watch sexy but perverted girls licking each others poop and more. Mouthful-of-scat-Blowjobs and lesbian scat games are online now. Enter the unlimited download area now.





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FEATURING: slaveray I have my teacher now ass humiliated and he?s about to get his first experience as my toilet bitch. In the bathroom I have set up a toilet where he will lay down under the bowl. This is his life now, serving me as my toilet. The view is amazing and so will be the treats I serve him. He will have to swallow and gobble down everything that is delivered. Just imagine all the water I will be saving now that I don?t have to flush the toilet every time a take a pee. slave swallowed every gushing mouth full! Im not finished yet slave, open your mouth wide. Do you see it? See it coming? Open your mouth and taste your new life as my toilet slave….omg, you are a pathetic freak. You swallowed every last disgusting morsel! Now wipe your face clean and lick my asshole clean bitch. INCLUDES: TOILET SLAVERY, TOILET FETISH, TOILET HUMILIATION, ASS LICKING, ASS WORSHIP, ASS HUMILIATION

Slave Shit on by three camera positions / Eat my SHIT!

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Slave Shit on by three camera positions
Here I shit again my slave nice right into his slaves mouth of three camera positions so that you can miss out on anything as my slave must eat my hot smelly shit.

Pile of Shit for the Slave’s Lunch

Pile of Shit for the Slave’s Lunch
In the morning all the girls are chatting while they have breakfast. They have coffee, cereals and buns. On having finished the breakfast, it is the moment to prepare the lunch for the slave. Habitually the girls feel desire of going to the toilet at that time and a plate is put on the lid of the toilet. The first girl goes to the bathroom and shits on the plate, however she has shat in an inconvinient position and thinking about the comfort of the rest of the girls she places the plate inside the toilet. This decision will be fatal for the slave since one after other one, all the women shit comfortably, filling the plate with a real pile of shit. Certainly, today the slave will eat abundant.

Big Peace of shit in his mouth

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Tina-big pice in your mouth
This is Tinas second shiting video. We took her with us for a diner, the day before, so this time Tina shits a really big pice of creamy shit directly in slaves mouth!

137 Minute Scat Session 10 GIRLS , 1 Slave FULL HD Human Toilet Session

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Solid Rock Combination, Please stop, Aahh, Heelp
The Movie in all Parts. Our Slave visited us to be used again as Toilet. Starting with eliminate Type Game and then we put his Head in Plaster, tied him up and he took a cruel beating from our most sadistic Girls. Then The Shit piled up on his Face and after 10 Girls pooped, the feeding starts. This is our highest complimented Movie yet and maybe even our best, but this remains in the Eye of the Beholder. English Subtitles and in HD

Shitting in his mouth Point of views

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Shitting Hookers POV Danna 01
Danna is a cute hooker from Dortmund/Germany. She didnt want to show her face but belive me she is a pretty one…and she loves to shit on her customers


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The Feeding and Filling of a Toilet Slave Part 3 Tifany
Here the Girls wrapped their Slave in Plastic, slapped the Mouth opening Machine on his Head and started getting some Toilet Service out of him. Part 3 Tifany

Human Toilet for 4 Girls

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Now, you know what do you feel being a girls toilet
4 girls give a hard lesson to the human toilet. All of them need to take a shit really bad, all of them have eaten much and have not gone to the bathroom the two previous days. They take 4 pleasurable big shits on the slaveĀ“s face covering it completely.

Eating her Scat for Dinner

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This is 21 year old Meagans first time using a human toilet. She’s a tall red head with a perfect bubble butt who fed the toilet a huge shit load which he gobbled down like a true toilet should. As an added bonus we put the shit eating action in slow motion so you could hear all the sounds and see the shit really bury his face. Will be available in 720p HD, WMV and Iphone/Ipod formats.

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